We strive to push the limits of what can be done with a wine or whiskey barrel. Strong functionality, bold aesthetics, and a little ingenuity lead the charge against disposable throwaway furniture that saturates the marketplace.

The Past

Colorado Barrel Designs started in the summer of 2011 while I was working at a log furniture store. A friend of mine gave me a wine barrel and asked me to turn it into a chair. A few hours later I realized how truly amazing this endeavor would be.

Once the prototype was finished I showed it to anyone willing to give feedback. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that I decided to go on the hunt for more barrels. An ottoman and side table were designed shortly thereafter, and that summer I could barely keep anything in stock.

The Future

As with every company, it’s a constant challenge to get to the top and stay there. My personal goal is to build a company whose foundations are entrenched in a community rather than just products and service. I want to build friendships instead of a client base, and create solutions instead of just merchandise. I envision a socially responsible company that can use it's leverage as a voice for the people that support it. I believe this mindset can bring prosperity not only the business, but also to it's patrons. It’s a long road ahead and we’ve only just started the journey.

To join the community, see new prototype projects, and stay current on our odyssey, check out our blog and Facebook page. If you have a question, idea, or a radtastic project you're contemplating, don’t hesitate to call or email. Thanks for checking us out!

- Art Hough

The Mad Scientist

Art Hough

Art is the artist (chuckles) behind each piece of barrel furniture. A very utilitarian individual, he loves to put function before feature. However, he has also been known to have good taste on occasion, possesses quite the imagination, and is becoming quite good at typing in third person. Whether it's R&D on the drawing board, on-the-fly in the shop, or pondering world hunger late at night, the wheels are always turning–even in his sleep.