The Past


Colorado Barrel Designs started in the summer of 2011 while I was working at a log furniture store. A friend of mine gave me a wine barrel and asked me to turn it into a chair. A few hours later I realized how truly amazing this endeavor would be.

Once the prototype was finished I showed it to anyone willing to give feedback. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that I decided to go on the hunt for more barrels. An ottoman and side table were designed shortly thereafter, and that summer I could barely keep anything in stock.


The Future

Franklin Cart

As with every company, it’s a constant challenge to get to the top and stay there. My personal goal is to build a company whose foundations are entrenched in a community rather than just products and service. I want to build friendships instead of a client base, and create solutions instead of just merchandise. I envision a socially responsible company that can use it's leverage as a voice for the people that support it. I believe this mindset can bring prosperity not only the business, but also to it's patrons. It’s a long road ahead and we’ve only just started the journey.

- Arthur Hough