5 Bottle Wine Rack

The name speaks for itself. Functional and utilitarian with a touch of elegance–this space saving wine rack will hold five bottles of your finest reds...or whites...or malt liquor if you’re that kind of bachelor. The brackets are formed from the metal rings of the barrel and finished with a polyurethane sealer. They can also be flipped around to mount the rack left or right facing. Each wine rack is handmade, sanded smooth, and finished with a Danish oil that really brings out the natural colors of the barrel stave. It easily mounts to a wall stud.

Size: 13"W x 37"H with bottles

Bottles are for display purposes only and not included with the rack, but you already knew that.

Barrel Type:
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The difference between barrels:

While each barrel is slightly different from the next, it basically boils down to the color. Wine and champagne barrels are varying shades of brown and red on the inside and usually a tan oak color on the outside. Whiskey, rum, and tequila barrels are charred on the inside and are usually light to dark brown with patches of black left over from the charring process. The staves are generally thinner width-wise than other barrel types. They also have lots of character on the outside of the staves. Beer barrels are almost always old wine or whiskey barrels and tend to have the same characteristics as such.