Well, the name of the blog will hold true for this post as I have a slew of new product designs to introduce. Oh, and I'm super excited about it! Let's dive right in:

First up, the new coffee table. I put a little twist on the standard half barrel and turned it into a coffee table. Made from wine staves and hammered steel, it features a glass top and has a light, airy feel while providing substance and character to any living space.

Next up, the bistro set. If you're into eating brunch on your back patio in style, this set is for you. The table has long legs and flowing lines with a custom patina metal top trimmed out with wine barrel staves. The bar stools compliment the table with stout, hammered steel legs and a knifelike thin back.

I saved the best for last. Everyone, meet the Stache Lounge. Stache Lounge, meet everyone. As weird as it may seem, this design was a culmination of the most glorious mustache ever, a venomous snake, and a woman's silhouette. Enjoy.