The Franklin Cart

Well, better late than never. It's been a pretty busy year over here and I finally got around to writing another post. Katherine and I recently got back from a show in Jackson Hole, WY called the Western Design Conference. Hands down, this show had the highest caliber of work (as far as furniture design goes) out of all the shows I've been to so far. The show itself was a little different in that I was able to display a pedestal piece in addition to the normal booth layout. The pedestal piece was judged, so naturally I had to go above and beyond with some next level design. Unfortunately, no ribbons were won that day but I received quite a few compliments. Below is a little bio I typed up for the piece, so without further ado, let me formally introduce to you The Franklin Cart.

My quest was to create an art piece that pays homage to its function. Defying gravity, the wine barrel is tipped on its edge and cantilevered in space to recreate an image frozen in time juxtaposed against the idea of fluid movement. 

From the layering of the patina to blend metal and wood, to contouring steel to the shape of the barrel, my vision is that the integration of materials accentuates the illusion of the piece. The glass runway and bottle staging will impress your guests by putting a spotlight on your stemware. My love for design and engineering has come together in a balancing act of my purest artistry to-date.

The Franklin Cart
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